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with your family. shoot us a e-mail to fox friends first at >> have a great day, everyone. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> i will see you back here 9:00 to 11:00, stay tuned. >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. i am alisyn camerota. this is hamas style thugs executing a suspected israeli spies and dragging their bodies through the streets. we are live in israel with the latest. >> steve: get ready, set, wait, thanksgiving travelers packing the airports at this hour for the busit travel day of the year. we are there live with the very latest on the delays. there -- they are substantial.
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>> brian: we are saving the twinkie. we have the recipe to make them at home. the home twinkie set america can't get enough of. "fox and friends" starts. action. ♪ "fox and friends". >> alisyn: good morning, we have breaking news for you. there is chaos in the streets of tel aviv after a bomb ripped through a bus near the military headquarters. at this hour at least 10 people are wounded. the conflict in the middle east raging on as violence in israel and gaza enters the eighth day and talks of a cease fire remain up in the hour at this hour. >> steve: peter doocy is live in dick dc.
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peter -- we'll start with you, first. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is working with both sides here, trying to make a deal. she's been in jerusalem meeting with israeli prime minister netanyahu and in ramallah meeting with palestinian president abbas. everything about the meetings suggest that secretary clinton is working to a solution that ben 50s the israeli and palestinian and keeps civilians on each side safe moving forward. >> in the days ahead, the united states will work with our partners here in israel and across the region for an out come that secretary for the people of israel, improved conditions for the people of gaza and move to a comprohencive peace for all people in the region. >> a potential cease fire according to a senior official of the european union foreign service interviewed by the ap,
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would have to enclude an end to rocket attacks on israel and air strikes from israel to gaza. and israeli prime minister netanyahu said he prefers a peaceful solution but will not hesitate to fight back against anything that threatens israeli interest. >> if there is a possibility of achieving a long-term solution to this problem through diplomatic means, we refer that. if not, i am sure you understand israel will have to take whatever action is necessary to defend its people. this is something i have to explain to americans, i know that president obama, you and the american people understand that perfectly well. >> at some point midday today, secretary of state clinton will fly to cairo, egypt to meet with prime minister morsi that has been holding peace
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talkings. >> brian: yesterday we are talking about peace talk and hear a cease fire kicking in and we know it department happen and the bombing didn't stop. and this, this morning lerand viter is in tel aviv where a bomb went off in the city. leland. >> i am setting the scene for you on my israeli answer to the pentagon. a city threw a bomb on to the bus or left one it is not a suicide bomber, but 10 people were injured. three of them very seriously wounded here in this attack. the two suspects on the list would be hamas or islamic jihad, both operating out of the gaza strip. hamas is peace talks and trying to figure out if a cease fire over israel with the rockets and the bombings on the other side going into the gaza strip .
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islamic jihad has a different agend a. they are backers in iran who are pushing for rocket fire against the gaz strip. we should have a shot up of this on our live view, you can actually see this bus that stopped. this harkens back to the days of the second intfada where you had bombing on the buses mainly suicide bombings. this doesn't appear to be that. but it is a mange failure for the israeli intelligence services in a critical time, whether it is going to derail the peace talks or not is yet to be scene. obviously the fact that secretary clinton is in town and able to be the a voice of calm could mean that everyone goes to cairo and gets involved in the cease fire and comes up with something. it was close but elusive. the question is can hamas and
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israel come to the cease fire or will the bombing offensive and rockets continue. five people everywhere killed in israel and the possibility of a israeli ground invasion which the united states pushed hard to keep from happening. back to you in new york. >> leland viter on the bus. we'll talk about this, a moment ago ally menged this. these are guys from hamas dragging presumably an -- somebody who had offered information to the israelis about what is going on in their land through the streets. >> brian: i don't believe they had a fair trial. six were shot and then that guy and others were dragged through the streets. >> steve: that is a picture of a real dead person. >> alisyn: it is gruesome and grizzly. what is happening, it is hard to figure out what the punctuates are that are comin
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out of the battle in the middle east. for instance, there was a four year old who was killed and his body was brought out for all to see and pictures to be taken by the hamas prime minister and egyptian prime minister by the name of mahmoud salada. it is impossible to know if he was a victim of a israeli air trike, no witnesses came forward to talk about the strike and what many in the media believe, he was a victim of an errant palestinian missile but cnn said he was a victim of a israeli air strike. with all . images, the point is, palestinians can imitate it. >> brian: how about the girl everyone is talking about. killed in the gaza strip and everyone's heart goes out for a baby and kid and not
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innocent and find out it was retweeted a picture of the dead bad on the stretcher in gaza. only to find out she was killed three weeks earlier in syria. >> steve: plus, there is another instance where the b.b.c. showed a man on the streper carted off. he was supposedly the victim of an israeli air strike. he's seen on the stretcher a couple of minutes later he is walking through the crowd. he is fine. some of the images are real. and some of them are not real. the hamas people are manipulating the media, charles craught -- krauthammer. >> they are always on the wrong side because of the world media is on the palestinian side . hamas is very adept at the pornography of grief. they are quite useful at killing civilians on the other side as terror groups do and
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invite the killing of their own people to win the propaganda . that's why they put weaponry and rockets under houses and schools and hospitals and under mosques. they know the israelis have to attack the weapons and despite the incredible skill with which israel targets its attacks, there is going to be a rocket that will go awry and they will show all of that on television. >> brian: you shoot them out of a school and dense city. it will be retaliation and innocents who get killed. >> steve: that's why the israelis dropped the leaflets and said stay away from the rockets or you could be in trouble. on the hamas side they use their own people as human shields. >> alisyn: we have more news. gunmen assassinated benghazi
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security chief . he was shot dead returning home from work it is unclearr who is behind the killing. violence is escalating in the city since the terrorist attack that left four americans dead. we'll bring you more information out of benghazi. new york city, a sales man who peddled clothing from a duffel bag found carrying a bag. a handgun was found in the girlfriend's apartment. sources say he has prior arrest for burglary, harassment and stalking. police arrested two men in connection with the blast that leveled houses in indianapolis. one of them spotted in the white van. neighbors saw the van parked outside of the trailer until it disappeared three days ago. the explosion is investigated
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now as a murder case. >> they have a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. i mean, you know, you are out there that long and not only are you coming home, but just in time for the holiday. you can't beat that. >> u.s. military servicemen and women and government employees arrived in baltimore, washington airport. families embraced the loved ones that have been in afghanistan for the past year. >> we love these stories. >> and a lot of college kids. >> steve: i had two college kids who came home yesterday. what did they bring me? laundry. >> alisyn: touching. >> brian: shout it out, steve. a lot of stain there. and up next, thanksgiving travelers packing the airports for the busiest travel day of the year. we'll take you live to one of them and watch everyone hurry up and wait. >> steve: greetings from the
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>> brian: eliminating certain tax deductions stop merrence from can falling off the fiscal cliff. president obama seems reluctant. >> it is difficult to see how you make up trillion just by closing loop holes and deductions. the math tends not to work. >> when it comes to taxes,
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republicans and democrats agree that the current federal tax code is broken and both sides recognize the importance of closing aggregious tax loop hole that is pick winners and losers. tax reform that eliminates tax wasteful preferences to generate revenue will bring efficienciy to the tax system. >> brian: who has the right approach. james freeman. james, i like deadlines and. >> it makes the mind. >> brian: find a cure. president wants to raise upward 35 to 39 percent and republicans say cap the deductions is better? >> clearly if you could simplify the tax code and get rid of deductions without raising rates on investment in particular that is the least economically detructive way to get more money. >> brian: if you cap at
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$50,000. and you make two million and you choose what you write off and you cap it and get close to a trilionn in savings over 10 years. >> the math does work. analyst right, left and center looked at this and said you can get a lot of minute by limiting deductions. tax policy center on the left and tax foundation on the center. >> brian: what about 35-39 percent. you can save 80 billion a year. >> it is a religion for democrats that you have to increase tax ratos the wealthy and now it is a bizarre scenario where the republicans are saying sure we'll give you all of the money you want and collect it in a different way that doesn't harm the economy. and it is bizarre. what they have to do is talk about spending cuts, too. this is the part that gets forgotten. we'll allow the government to get more money if you restrain the spending. >> brian: you right we have to change behavior in this behole
3:18 am
thing. no one is talking about changing behavior. we are talking about short-answers that will not touch the 16 trillion. >> no, to bring concessions out of barack obama. the sequester and spending cuts that no one wants to happen 2013. bring them . bring on the defense and social program cuts and you tellux barack obama what you will do to prevent that from january 1st. >> brian: putting the pressure back on the white house. >> that is the only leverage point. he doesn't want to cut discretionary spending by hundred billion this year. >> brian: james, the key to the whole thing is to preserve investment rates, because if it stays at 15 percent that's where it should be. >> that's what mr. boehner is aiming for. if dividend go from 15 to 20,
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huge disincentive to invest hurts the competent. >> brian: people will not invest because it is it a risk. james freeman. glad to have you back. >>reporter: right. >> brian: we hope so. 19 minutes after the hour. she was not happy with the divorce case. you are looking at it now she's in big trouble . then your house and car under water, but you have to go to work. what would you do? you are go to meet a moment who swam to work in hurricane sandy. see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made?
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>> alisyn: welcome back, everyone. i don't have to tell you it is
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the busiest travel day of the year. al allen. wjbk. how is it looking there al? >> it is going to be a busy day in metro airport outside of the city of detroit. it usually is the day before thanksgiving. you can see the jets behind me. this is the delta hub. jets expect a lot of people to be coming through here. there is a slightt increase in the number of passenger it is flying out of metro airport compared to last year. tsa advising passengers to allow extra time and make sure you have it in the right area and they are trying to keep the line not as congested as possibly. slight increase from last year and they are telling us alisyn plane fares are down this year compared to last year this time. it is going to be busy and
3:24 am
allow time is what they are telling apparentlies, back to you. >> alisyn: remember to wear shoes to slip off easily. thank you for that live shot from detroit. over to steve. >> thank you,. >> steve: we saw the job spike. the er technician went above and beyond the call of duty. the morning after sandy left her town in new jersey under water. marsha hedgepath felt she had to get to work. she swam 200 yards to a highway and hitched a ride? with who? she joins us live to tell us. >> good morning. >> steve: so the night of hurricane sandy, all hell was breaking loose outside of your house. >> there was no lights and i had no way of contacting other people. you know, it was crazy. >> steve: could you tell your
3:25 am
neighborhood was flooded. >> i could tell my was. knowing the neighborhood i could tell. >> steve: you are dedicated to your job and first light you figured i have to go to work. what do? put clothes we're. >> in an ap grocery bag and tied it up and threw it over my shoulder and said let's get out of here. >> steve: you went downstairs and what did you find? >> knee high. it was poof where you would normally. you wouldn't jump off that level to the ground and so it was high. i had to swim this. >> steve: you have to swim. >> nothing else you can do. you couldn't see the steps. >> steve: so you swam how far? >> 200 yards from the back of the house to right down. >> steve: two football fields. crazy. what was flowing through the water.
3:26 am
people's decks and picnic tables. you were swim dodging stuff. >> i did stop at my truck to see if i could get in and start it. >> steve: under water. you are dodging stuff and what does the water feel like. 64 degrees. it is cold. >> steve: at what point did you say it was not a good judged. >> i said it beginning. once i committed myself to doing it. what am i doing now? you know? ? >> steve: you wam the 200 yards length of two football field and get to a place where you are near a road and you decide well, i am aways from work. what did you do? >> stuck out my thumb. >> steve: no one was out that day except? >> michigan power company. >> steve: i guy in a bucket truck pulled over. and you said, you wanted to go where? >> to the er.
3:27 am
>> steve: what did he say. >> he said for yourself. and i said i work there. >> steve: hop in sopping wet lady. when you get to the hospital what did you find? >> a lot of people waiting to be helped, too. absolute chaos. but we are one of the busier er's on the eastern sea board and not unusual to have chaos. >> steve: lacerations and all sorts of people all banged up because they have gone through a hurricane. >> people needing help and looking like they really do need help. >> steve: they needed you there that day in the hospital. were they surprised they swam in dark and dirty water. >> we don't raise eye brows how we get to work. good, another warm body come on and scrub up. >> steve: fantastic. if i ran a hospital i would want a team of folks like you dedicated to getting to work. what a story.
3:28 am
marsha thanks foring us today. you have warmed up. have a great thanksgiving. you, too. >> steve: good news, we are saving the twinkie and forget hostess. we have a respiece to make them at your house. imagine the reaction when a daughter brought home this picture from the vacation. that's not good. ♪ ♪
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>> the president tried to wish joe biden happy birthday from asyampt >> also happy birthday to vice-president joe biden. it is his 70th birthday. president obama tried to call the vice-president to wish him a happy birthday but biden was unavailable.
3:33 am
>> the vice-president doing the keg stan. >> brian: i think that is malarky. they found out what is going on behind the scenes. we have cook wolfs and animals and we have a band. >> steve: plus tomorrow is thanksgiving and something delicious. how to make your own twinkie at home. who needs hostess. >> alisyn: more delicious and tad more healthy. i don't know. >> brian: did the pilgrims have twirchingies. >> alisyn: we'll get to the bottom of that? >> steve: it was made with maze back then. >> brian: more stories. incredible new world of sports. >> alisyn: speaking ofies. hestess live to die another day. talks crumbled late last night and makers of twinkie will head to bankruptcy for today and ask the judge permission to shut down for good.
3:34 am
18,000 jobs are gone. >> steve: dingdong, the ding is dead. urped fire. peta people for ethical treatment for animals said the tradition has to stop. they said killing turkeys is no joke. they suggested a vegetarian alternative for obama and his family to eat at their thanksgiving celebration. >> alisyn: no turkey >> chris: i have had it? >> brian: you are not allowed to say that on tv. if your divorce is not going wel. perhaps spray painting the courthouse is a bad dead. audrey is behind bars of painting broken hearts and words free us. she is going through a messy divorce and custody battle. she is accused of spray painting the corporate of her
3:35 am
husband's business. love gone awry. >> alisyn: imagine getting this while your child is on vacation. the girl is hanging on the edge of the grand canyon. it turns out it was a joke. instead of reassuring her mother she was save. she sent this terrifying photo. she was standing on a ledge. >> brian: i read about the story. don't get close to the edge. and this is really windy out there and she did that. >> steve: speaking of where is that. weather for the biggest travel day. we have wind and rain in the spask northwest and northern portions of california and rio grand valley of new mexico and the country is nice and dry. current temperatures as you head out of doors to pick up people in the bus depo and people and family members. a lot of 30s and 40s and 20s
3:36 am
up in northern portions of new england and 50s on the gulf coast. by the way, going to the faa website to find out where the travel delays are. their website is down right now on the busiest travel day of the year. currently in new york city. 53 degrees and 62 in raleigh and 80 currently looking for a daytime high in dallas and 70s on the gulf coast. >> brian: first story in sports is not the amazing newings. former world boxing champ hector camacho was shot in the face. he's in critical condition and shot in puerto rico. hit in the face and neck. another man in the car was killed. so far no motive was revealed. basketball now. lakers eeking out a win under the new coach mike d'antoni. they won over the nets.
3:37 am
and we'll let you know how the new stadium s. unbelievable performance for the college hoopster last night. wake the kid and get them dress put them in the shower. jack taylor from division three granle college in iowa scored 138 points. that is a ncaa record. break them down. kilmeade, twen-27 three point and 52 of 108 shots from the field and 7-free throse and world's best basketball players took notice and listen what the pros say. charles jenkins. wouldn't be surprised if he transferred tomorrow with the points. kevin dur an. jack taylor you serve a shost jack daniels after that performance. i am not sure he was 25. i am not sure if that is even
3:38 am
possible. more to ally. >> alisyn: we have a slightly different. talks between hostess and the bakers union crumbled. but don't worry you can make twinkies at home yourself. >> steve: that's right. todd wilburr creating kitchen clones of america's favorite brand name foods. you are not a chef. you are a hacker. >> i am a hack yer figure out how stuff is made and show you how to make them at home. we could this off. we have an actual package of twinkies. they go $5000 and you just opened it. >> steve: that's what a store bought twinkie looks like. this is yours. and figure out how to make those. >> super easy. start with a pound cake mix. this is mixed up and changed the instruction.
3:39 am
don't follow the instructions on the back. add water and fold in egg whites. and that makes a fluffier cake. so that is part of the secret. >> alisyn: turn it into the shape of a twinkie. >> hard to find a pan or there you go. or make your own pan . do something sneaky and make our own. >> alisyn: how do you get it in the perfect shape. >> what does this look like. garlic powder. >> don't put it in the twinkie. >> steve: the thing aboutaly. she has so much tin foil from making the hats. >> no problem for me. >> i am just folding it a. and put it out . nine by 13 pan and then you have your spray. >> okay. you spray those up . then when you fold it in your
3:40 am
cake batter. load up the pans. >> steve: just like that. >> not just like that. but sort of like that. >> steve: and then you the magic of television. >> magic of television. this is what they look like. is that not a twinkie right there. >> alisyn: and then the felling. and then marsh fellow fluff and shortage and salt dissolved in water. >> alisyn: salt, sugar and marsh mellow fluff. and vanill a. mix it up. and i love that. >> steve: now, todd how do you get that in the winky. >> it turns into it. if you want. eat it like that. >> alisyn: then you pop it in here. >> take ay without holes and get your shop sticks and start making three hole in there and
3:41 am
make room and then i loaded up pastry gone. you can use the gun or bag . fill those twinkies. >> alisyn: can we taste one. where is the finished product. >> we have to make one. don't we. >> alisyn: go ahead. >> steve:um. it is very twinkie-like. >> twinkie like. 92 yeah, i can. >> this is clear around the outside. what the heck. >> steve: that's good. >> alisyn: thank you for this. >> go for it extra filling. cheaper to make at home . fresher and everybody loves that. >> that is delicious. you can find these. five grand on ebay. want top secret.comcome there
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and check it out. it is all yours. this is parting gifts. there you go. >> steve: always a pleasure. >> alisyn: there are new details just released this morning about the serial killer case in new york. what was just learned about the suspect in custod yeit is shocking. >> steve: what are the top economic turkeys of the year. stewart varney. you want a home made twirchingy. >> alisyn: we have some. >> steve: i have fluff in every tooth. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with over 50 delicious choices
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can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. >> alisyn: we have a developing story for you now. there is a possible break in the search for a serial killer in new york city. joining us from brooklyn is
3:46 am
teresa priolo. what is the latest. >> good morning, ally. there is a series of developments in the overnight hours. we are told that police may have found the murder weapon connected with three killings in brooklyn that occurred in the last four months. we are told by sources in the over time hours a duffel bag was recovered and inside a 22 cal ber rifle sawed off with a improvised barrel and lazer lot. one had bloodd on it and women's stockingings and a pair of gloves found in the duffel bag. the other development. they are questioning john doe duffel bag and seen in surveillance video and he came to the precinct in scenth precinct voluntarily. and we are told that he is member who is questioned. new york post reported that he is a man in his 60s and
3:47 am
apparently from staten island and sources tell us he has a connection to all three crime scenes and family members apparently have identified him as somebody who has been seen around the shops. we are told it is a person of interest and not labeled a suspect or killer . no arrests, no charges yet. but we are going to bring you the latest. that is the latest from brooklyn this morning, ally, back to you. >> alisyn: thank you for all of that great information. back to the guys. >> brian: it is gooble, gooble . stewart varney putting his top economic turkeys on the chopping blockk. >> steve: starting with number four. richard trumka. >> i hate to put harsh. but he deserves it for the use of one word it is time for the rich to start to pay the fair
3:48 am
share. he ignores the top one percent pays 40 percent of all income taxes. >> steve: he probably would like rich people to pay 91 percent. >> that's what he would like. >> brian: he will be number one. he felt unions put president obama in the oval office and he of the haved him in day two. number three. >> facebook going public at is evering and sinks to 16 to 17 and back up to 23 now. they blue their initial public offering and misinformed the public of how to make money x. is zuckerberg was the boy gen jus and disappointed and lost a fortune for a lot of people. >> brian: and did it arrogant perspective. >> in your opinion. >> brian: yes. you want to take it. >> steve: something that the state of california did on election day raised taxes on people who were success . and you are making california
3:49 am
your number two turkey. >> they are a shoo in for the label turkey. what other state goes from the most prot perous in the world a generation ago to abject poverty and the highest poverty rate and taxes in the nation and highest sales taxes and exodus of jobs and middle class people. they are bankrupt by any other thame and they are a turkey state. >> brian: they are even losing the movie industry. they are going elsewhere to do movies and number one over all. >> france. you have to pick a country as leading turkey of the world and france gets it. not only bruce and elect a socialist as the head of france he raises taxes and he lowers the retirement age from 62 to 60. at a time like this, you lower retirement age? you are bank rument to start with. that is nonsense. >> steve: that's funny you are
3:50 am
using spanish. turkey in french word. and we'll watch you in fox business starting at 9:20 on this. >> it will be a fun turkey day show. >> brian: and tax free. tax holiday of varney and company. >> yeah right. >> brian: goodbye to you. a picture is worth a thousand word and this picture of a $40,000. another good use of your tax money coming up. >> steve: drink this. not that nicky. fit here on the skinny with the drinks that will not pack on the pounds this thanksgiving. look it is the statue of liberty. 5 day sale, like... and this weekend, don't miss free giveaways, hourly prize drawings and more.
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they are not terrible. but they are not 130 calories. taking the bloody mary mix. you can doo tomato juice with lemon and that makings it lesss red . you don't have all . horse radish and extras in there. martinies have a lott of booze. >> it is 240 calories and anything that is sweet with a lot of sugar. if you can't see throughh it. it probablyy has more calories and a little booze and gin. >> 123 calories. >> and that is overarching rule and this is stick with the clearr alcohol. >> it was a lot of add other sugar and creamy ingredients to add in the other calories.
3:56 am
>> the an i had a bad idea. >> i don't thinkk you had an last night. you are greatt eyed. >> all smoke and mirrors, baby. >> tell us about the skinny girl brand. i know a lot of people are fond of it. >> when people order a frozen margarita. it looks healthy because it is icy. 500 calories or more. this is 100 calorieless. >> and last, you can add coconut water to make it taste like a pina colada. >> 250. and pineapple vodka and coconut. 130. >> keep hydrating. cut it with a sparkler or water and work out. a free drink is 30 minutes. >> that is a greatt reminder to make the holidays fun. >> steve: who knew that champagne was a diet drink. >> brian: i had no idea.
3:57 am
coming up in the next. president obama winning reelection. obama care is up next . how it impacts your family. >> it is the funniest video you will see all day. what happens to the santa. >> top critics agree. you are a hero, man. ç [ penélope ] i found the best cafe in the world. nespresso. where i never have to compromise on anything. ♪ where just one touch creates the perfect coffee. where every cappuccino and latte is only made with fresh milk.
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3:59 am
trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
4:00 am
>> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is wednesday, november 21. i'm alisyn camerota. we begin with a fox news alert. while you were sleeping, a bomb ripped through a bus in tel aviv. thugs are drags bodies through the streets. we have all the breaking details up ahead. >> brian: ready, set, wait. it's the busiest travel day of the year. what can you expect if you're hitting the road? we've got everything you need to know and a little bit more. >> steve: so ladies, your dog doesn't like your man? so what do you do? survey says dump him. >> brian: the dog? >> steve: i can't tell. [ laughter ] "fox & friends" and fido starts right now.
4:01 am
>> alisyn: good morning, again. we want to get to this fox news alert. we have new video in. violence intensifying in the gaza border. as tensions rage on for the eighth day. those blast you're seeing come an hour after a bomb exploded on a bus in central tel aviv right near israel's military headquarters. more than a dozen people were killed or wounded. come as secre hillary clinton tries to broker a cease fire. >> brian: we have live team coverage now. we have peter doocy in washington, d.c., but we start with leeland vittert in tel aviv, the scene of the bus bombing. what a way to start the day. >> good morning.
4:02 am
the word from someone who works right near where this bombing happened, here we go again, hard fact to the day of suicide bombings on buses in and around tel aviv that would kill many, terror in the streets is what they called it. they're pretty good at cleaning this up. two hours ago was the explosion here that wounded 12 people. one of them seriously. we don't believe this was a suicide bombing, but rather a bomb put onto the bus. you can see the damage inside was extensive. according to eyewitnesses, this happened around lunchtime and the bus wasn't perhaps all that full when this bombing happened. the fact that it's not a suicide bombing indicates that it is probably not hamas or islamic jihad trying to derail the cease fire talks, although the effectsen the cease fire talks is still yet to be seen. this is a very fluid situation as it always is in the middle east. overnight, we had a number of additional rockets fly into israel. 20 people injured. another two people killed yesterday. so now the total inside israel
4:03 am
is five people killed. the israelis were pounding away yesterday at the gaza strip and continued their air assault today. they blew am a number of smuggling tunnels connected with hamas and continue to individually target hamas militants and continue to take out middle echelon of their organization. remember, last night around 7:00 p.m. local time, there was a lot of discussion of a cease fire agreement. there was off the record confirmation from both the hamas islamic jihad side and also from the israelis that a cease fire deal was imminent, quote, within hours. that seemed to fall apart last night. whether the entire talks have fallen apart or whether it's simply a lull in the negotiations and then we will move closer as secretary clinton now flies as we speak into cairo to continue these with egyptian president and the hamas leadership, who the egypts are talking to is yet to be seen. from the israeli perspective,
4:04 am
this is seen as a major setback and what a lot of people here had hoped would be a cease fire coming in the next 24 hours. back to you in new york. >> steve: thank you very much. we'll see as leend la mentioned -- leend la, secretary of state is there. now the very latest on hillary. peter? >> secretary of state clinton went back to jerusalem for another meeting with israeli officials. she had been to ramallah to see president clinton president abbas since her last meeting with israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, which was yesterday. while we don't have any indication at this point that a cease fire is imminent, secretary clinton made clear yesterday she wants a cease fire to benefit everyone involved. >> in the days ahead, the united states will work with our partners here in israel and across the region toward an outcome that bolsters security for the people of israel,
4:05 am
improve conditions for the people of gaza, and move toward a comprehensive peace for all people of the region. >> the terms of a potential cease fire, according to a senior official with the european union's foreign service who talked to the a.p., must include an end to hamas rocket attack against israel, gaza gourder crossings would have to be opened and israel would have to stop launching air strikes in gaza. the israeli prime minister, netanyahu, said yesterday he prefers a peaceful solution, but that if israeli interests are threatened, he is ready to fight. >> if there is a possibility of achieving a long-term solution to this problem through diplomatic means, we'd prefer that. but if not, i'm sure you understand that israel will have to take whatever action is necessary to defend its people. this is something that i don't have to explain to americans. i know that president obama, you, and the american people
4:06 am
understand that perfectly well. >> at some point today around midday, secretary of state clinton will touchdown in cairo to meet with egyptian president morsi, who is also hosted peace talks in the last few days. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. live report from dc. >> alisyn: we have news out of benghazi to report that. is that the top security chief has been assassinated overnight. he was apparently shot dead while returning home from work actually today there. >> steve: unclear at this point who did the killing. clearly he was targeted. meanwhile, there have been a debate in washington, d.c. ever since last friday when general petraeus appeared behind closed doors and he said we knew at the c.i.a. immediately it was terrorism and it said al-qaeda in the official c.i.a. talking points. but after it left our hands, we
4:07 am
don't know exactly who changed the talking points. brian, that's what everybody in washington has been trying to figure out, who, who, who did it? >> brian: the national intelligence director, james clapper, the same who went up to general petraeus and said, i really suggest you resign, says it was my office. he said that because the al-qaeda mentions by the c.i.a. in his mind, were tenuous and too tenuous to publicize, so cbs learned and we have confirmed, that we decided to tell congress that -- or susan rice a different story. >> alisyn: this is curious because the committee that's investigating this and the house said that they tonight remember that. in fact, that is quite opposite from what was testified to previously about who knew what when. so congressman mike rogers, who is the chairman of the committee said he finds this story officially, basically, out of
4:08 am
the office and he wants to reinterview james clapper to ask about this, quote, new explanation coming out of the office. >> steve: they did say it's out of the office. it's not him per se. so we're supposed to believe that a clapper aide changed what petraeus had said? that's very, very curious. also what's interesting, at one of those hearings they had on capitol hill, i do believe mr. clapper was in the room and they go, was it your office? was it your office? mr. clapper, was it your office? don't know. >> brian: learned the deputies oversaw it and looked at it and the last ones to see it before it was signed on to and passed over to ambassador rice. charles krauthammer heard these series of events and put it this way with bill o'reilly last night. >> how is james clapper, president obama's national security guy who is saying, oh, it's me. i sent rice out there and i took out all the al-qaeda stuff. i'm not buying it.
4:09 am
none of this adds up. mccain isn't buying it. are you buying it? >> i'm not buying it because the chairman of the house intelligence committee said a week ago in classified testify that same clapper said that they had no idea who changed the talking points and now a week later he is saying did he? that's kind of strange. >> there is a lot of lying going on here. >> i mean, i've seen am amnesiay in my clinical days and that one is pretty quick. >> alisyn: he's not saying -- his office is saying. it could be another case of who in the office did it. another game of clue. >> steve: some in washington on the rye feel he's just the latest fall guy for the white house. >> alisyn: we will keep you posted on all that throughout the show. let's get to your headlines. we have breaking details in search for a serial killer. police in new york city are interrogating a man in connection to this case. the man is apparently a salesman who peddles clothing from a
4:10 am
duffel bag. he was caught carrying the bag near the scene of the latest crime. sources say a gun was found in his girlfriend's apartment. it's the same kind of gun used in all three murders. sources say he has prior arrests for burglary, harassment and stalking. question to go men in connection with the blast that leveled homes and left two people dead. one blink to do this white van spotted near the home the day of the explosion. neighbors say they saw the vehicle parked outside the man's trailer for two weeks 'til it disappeared three days ago. the investigation is being investigated as a murder case. where is rudolph when you need him? this mall santa in the u.k. was rappeling down from the roof. his grand entrance hit a snag. his beard got stuck in the rope and he dangled there for 40 minutes. luckily for him, the british army was on hand to cut him free. oh, my gosh.
4:11 am
>> steve: wasn't it also in london, the picture from a couple years ago, where keifer sotter lain dove into the christmas tree? remember that? >> brian: did he ever get up? >> steve: yeah,. >> alisyn: we never updated that story. >> brian: straight ahead, new parts of president obama's health care bill are about to take effect. are there any changes to your current insurance that you need to know about? our next guest decodes the heal care law in language you can understand. >> steve: then welcome to the jungle. some of the most elusive animals in the world made it to our studios. is that a lion? it's my favorite time of year again and now -- i got a great new way to get deals. it's called bankamerideals, from bank of america. i choose the cash back deals in my mobile or online banking.
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[ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends dember 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
4:14 am
>> brian: today over 43 million of you are expected to fly all
4:15 am
over the place for their thanksgiving destination. joining us now from our wttg affiliate, melanie, at reagan airport. melanie, how busy is it? >> you know, it is steady, but i wouldn't call it crazy so far this morning. we're about midway through what the metropolitan washington airport authority calls their peak morning travel time. so so far, so good. the weather is clear. the sun is shining. so even across the country, there aren't any major weather issues right now that would cause any planes to be delayed. we're checking on the security checkpoint times here at reagan national, about 30 minutes so far. dulles international airport, 15 minutes is about what people are expecting to wait in the security checkpoints. so smooth sailing so far. air travel actually slightly down just a little bit from last year, but it doesn't mean passengers are going to have any more elbow room because airlines are trying to conserve money on jet fuel. so they have condensed some of their routes. that means the planes will be
4:16 am
about 930% full and you can -- 90% full and you can guarantee there will be a lot of competition for the overhead bin space. one of the sources said travelers shouldn't even count on being able to carry on stuff. a good idea to just count on some of those things having to be checked. make sure you check intsa, you can check on their web site, get through the security checkpoints. couple things changed this year that you'll want to know about. >> brian: thank you very much. now over to steve. >> we have to pass the bill so that find out what is in it. >> steve: yep. two years after nancy pelosi's infamous health care comment finally we're starting to find out what's in it and a lot of families aren't going to like it. betsy mccoy wrote the book on decoding president obama's health care law. she's the former lieutenant governor of new york and joins us live. good morning to you. >> glad to be here. >> steve: we had to pass that to
4:17 am
figure it out. yesterday health and human services released some of the new regulations, things that take effect next year, require companies to cover people with preexisting medical conditions. that's kind of the headlines from yesterday. there are things that people need to know going forward. for instance, if you get your insurance through work, you may lose it. >> that's right. you may lose your insurance and you may lose your full-time job status. this law requires employers with 50 or more full-time workers to provide health insurance for them. not just any health insurance. it's the one size fits all government designed plan, which costs about twice as much as what most employers, many employers currently offer. >> steve: what you touched on, you mentioned full time employees. if it's going to be twice as much, some people might say, rather than 40 hours, maybe they should work 40 hours and i don't have to pay. >> that's right. what's going to happen is that some employers are going to drop insurance coverage and opt for the fine. mckinsey and company, management consultants, predict
4:18 am
has third or more. other employers will say no fine. i'm just going to push my employees down to part-time status and be done with this problem. >> steve: let's talk about cuts to medicare. >> well, cuts to medicare are paid for over half this law. >> steve: we heard about this on the campaign from mitt romney. >> yeah. seniors and baby boomers who will be enrolling in medicare soon will get less care than they've received in the past. for example, hospitals will be paid $247 billion less to care for the same number of seniors. they're going to have to spread nurses thinner. in california, nurses are already on strike because hospitals are responding to these cuts. we know from research that when hospitals spread nurses thinner, elderly patients have a harder time surviving their hospital stay and death rates from heart attacks go up 6 or 8%. >> steve: right. taas gigantic program which
4:19 am
means some, in addition to the medicare, got to pay for it with more taxes as well. >> that's right. there is over half a trillion dollars in new taxes in here. some have already kicked in and one that will start in 2013, just a month and a half from now, is the tax on unearned income. 3.8% tax, in addition to the capital gains tax, you might otherwise pay. this applies to people who are earn over $200,000 a year. but if you experience a gain in selling a boat, a stock, a bond, vacation home, that could push you into the $200,000 category and then you're going to pay that 3.8% in addition to the capital gains. >> steve: yeah. now that we passed it, there is a lot in there, isn't there? >> that's right. >> steve: betsy, we thank you. >> this is the turkey for this thanksgiving. >> steve: i don't think it tastes good. regardless of how much gravy you put on you, ma'am. coming up on this wednesday, the president needs to work on his wow factor.
4:20 am
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4:23 am
>> steve: now it's time for news bit numbers. first, $40,000. that's how much taxpayer money was spent on a new oil painting in epa chief lisa jackson, 40,000. that's a pricey portrait. 63%. that's how many college graduates believe the american dream is dead. the study finds debt and no jobs
4:24 am
are to blame. and finally, 25%. that's how many women would dump their man if their pet didn't like him. men aren't so devoted. only 12% would call it quits with fido. ali, over to you and brian. >> alisyn: well, they are some of the world's most elusive animals rarely seen in the wild. >> brian: you'll see them here today in our studio, part of animal planet's new series called frontier earth. dave is here. he's the host. and a large predator expert. who else would have a lion in his lap? >> right? yeah. this is tyson. five week old male lion who is trying to find a comfortable way to sleep right now. >> alisyn: right. why are you able to hold him like he's a little kitten? >> at the moment he is a little kitten. being five weeks old, he's just looking for comfort. me being a big guy, he knows me now, he's like okay. i'll stay safe with you. >> alisyn: that's nice of you to say that.
4:25 am
that's good thing since on your face we can see scratches on your eye, on your lips. >> i tried to hide that a little bit. i appreciate you pointing that out. >> brian: just the war of the jungle, alisyn. don't understand that? >> even at this side i was holding him close to my neck the other day and he wanted to grip on and unfortunately he gripped on my face. they're born with their claws and teeth. >> brian: part of frontier earth is not just about lions, it's about other animal. >> all kinds of things. it's a look, a natural history look at the world. we try and find stories that we think are entertaining and educational. at the end you can watch this with your kids. >> alisyn: i hear somebody else in the wings. >> we have other friends. you want to see other friends? >> alisyn: yeah. >> okay. let's get rid other friends. this guy is just going to run around. >> alisyn: it's a wart hog.
4:26 am
>> brian: look at that. >> alisyn: my gosh. >> he's going to have his dad over there. he'll run around. you don't put these guys on leashes. he'll do what he does. this is actually food. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh. >> the one thing about wart hogs is they're very smart, smarter than dogs even. >> alisyn: something foul has just happened. >> i ate something bad this morning. >> brian: no, that is not you, dave. we've smelled you before. >> they get their names from these wart looking things? chunks of fat. my favorite thing when they're babies they run around with mom. >> brian: how much can i pay to you get this thing out of here? >> alisyn: we're done with the wart hog at the moment. >> brian: i'd rather see the picture. look at that. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh. >> brian: this is a wolf. now we're safe. >> what you want to do is watch the front end of him, obviously.
4:27 am
small smell the wart hog. >> as calm as he is, i wouldn't want to you get too close it his face because these guys being wolves -- >> brian: we watch "call of the wild". >> they look like dogs, but they aren't. >> brian: how do you know the difference? some people might say, i think i bought a german shepherd and bought a wolf. >> alisyn: i'm okay right here. >> brian: if you weren't here what, would he go after? >> he wouldn't go after anything. wolves are normally shy animals. we're always terrified of them. but in the animal, they're there. they're avoiding people. >> brian: in the wild, they know not to jump on the couch. >> if he was in this corner here, but if you who he didn't know, say you approached him too big, he would be like you're scaring me and their immediate reaction is to bite. that's how they get this bad reaction. it isn't because they're aggressive, it's more because when they're scared, they know they can use their teeth.
4:28 am
>> brian: i just know when i'm being attacked. i don't need to know why. the show has wart hogs, lions. >> alisyn: and killer ants. >> whales, tigers. that's steve's side. that's okay. >> brian: ask the wolf how bad the wart hog smells. >> he loves it. smells like dinner to him. >> alisyn: dave g to see you. thank you for all the fun. >> brian: there are no rules. >> alisyn: meanwhile, the highest number of illegal aliens about to hit the road with a legal driver's license. who is crying here? what's the big change? we'll explain. >> brian: big announcement from nascar's leading lady. danica patrick on the market? >> 43 1/2 million americans will travel at least 50 miles from home over the thanksgiving holiday. that shows you two things.
4:29 am
we love to visit our relatives over the holidays and the rest of you, we want them at least 50 miles away. stay back. stay back. on a o [ female announcer ] you spend weeks planning it. you spend all day cooking it. so why spend even a moment considering any broth but swanson? the broth cooks trust most to make the meal folks spend all year waiting for. in stuffing and more, the secret is swanson. five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story.
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4:33 am
>> steve: the shot of the morning. i'd like to introduce to you bud royer. you were watching on television devastation of sandy. you were sitting out there in your little town of 70 people in texas and you said, i got to help folks. >> yes. exactly. we were sitting this friday night and my wife turned and said, we've got to do something. when we saw the total despair and the total lack of hope. >> steve: initially you thought, i'd like to prepare 1,000 turkey meals for folks, but you're not in the turkey business. you are in the pie business and you said that night, i'm going to create pies for 5,000 people and i'm going to drive them in this truck that has been in motion for 1900 miles so the people of new york and new jersey and there is the blessed pie delivery. >> we should worship it, should we not? right. >> steve: why did you do this, bud? >> the need, the opportunity.
4:34 am
we saw the place to do this -- we could do food. we could do food. i don't have the money to do it, but we could do food. we contacted a dear, precious man who is one of our patrons, called him on his ranch on saturday afternoon on his cell phone, bill windsor, chairman of the board, ceo, the dallas market center. >> steve: that's right. you opere a small business. >> yes. >> steve: this is your place out there in texas. what's also amazing is the fact that in addition to pie for 5,000 people, the customers at this place in texas have pooled their money and they're presenting $25 gift card to folks impacted. you've got hundreds of those. >> we do. we've got about 500. they keep coming in. they go to our web site, royer's cafe and they can order them right there. >> steve: fan tastic. you made two deliveries? >> two deliveries. in asbury park and we were at
4:35 am
somewhere else. it's been a long 19-hour drive. >> steve: i can imagine. it's a fantastic thing you're doing. >> it's a privilege. i stand on the shoulders of my family. >> steve: it was just your customers who put together the cash for the cash cards. if you would like to donate, go to their web site, royers's cafe pain com. >> the dallas market center who made this possible so we could move forward on it. without them, we would not be standing there. >> steve: they paid for all the pies. >> they did. >> steve: you are a good man. by the way, ali and brian, on the end of one of their pie recipe books, boxes, i got one here. one of the pie business' slogans from texas, remember the a la mode. >> my favorite is. >> steve: 100,000 can't all be wrong. a real pleasure! the prince of pies!
4:36 am
>> brian: now to the stories making headlines at this moment. let's begin here. hostess lived to die another day. talks with hostess president bakers union crumbled. now the makers of the twinkie will head to bankruptcy court today. sponge and all. they'll have the judge for permission to shut down for good. 18,000 jobs are on the line. >> alisyn: i hope i don't have to read it with the same emphasis. they're in the country illegally, but could be allowed to drive legally. lawmakers in illinois pushing a plan to make it the third state in america to allow illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses. washington state and new mexico currently allow it. the fifth most populous state, illinois would be the biggest state to adopt such a law. >> brian: i was told to move away from you. president obama needs to work on his wow factor. cameras caught secretary of state hillary clinton unable to keep her eyes open during the president's address at the university in burma.
4:37 am
they rejected me. this isn't the first member of president obama's administration to doze off. remember joe biden nodded off during the president's budget speech last year. he was thinking what he would do if he was president. former chief economic advisor larry summers could not keep his eyes open during the meeting. 5 hour energy all around, kids. >> alisyn: you can not fault hillary clinton with that travel schedule. talk about a wild encounter, we take to you texas for this one. two men were walking to a car when a deer attacked them. he jumped into the bed of the pick up and called police. >> he put his front paws on my feet, got my pack of cigarettes and started chewing them. he broke a police officer's rib, kicked a police officer in the leg. >> alisyn: the animal also caused some damage to the truck. it took more than five men to get the deer under control. >> steve: you don't hear much about how deer are apparently
4:38 am
hooked on nicotine down there. >> alisyn: right. >> brian: remember the deer that came alive in that movie with -- in tommy boy. that's why i don't go deer hunting, you don't know when they're angry or dead. let's talk boxing. bad boxing story. former world champion hector camacho shot a bunch of times. in critical condition in his native puerto rico. he was hit in the neck, face while he was sitting in a car. a man next to him not so good. dead. so far no motive has been revealed. basketball now. the lake others eking out a win against the upstart brooklyn nets in their first official game under the new head coach. kobe bryant with two good knee scored six of the 25 points. final score, 95-90. nets, their third loss of the year. big announcement from nascar's leading lady, danica patrick. she says she and her husband,
4:39 am
paul, are divorcing after seven years. she told fans about the split on her facebook page. >> steve: that's too bad. mr. kilmeade, thank you very much. yesterday the department of health and human services released some of the new health care regulations that are going to officially kick in in 2014. some of the new things that are going to take effect, and you heard about a lot of these things -- require companies to cover people with preexisting conditions. you heard about that. they'll prohibit insurers from charging women higher premiums than men. there will be limits on premiums. they will, however, be able to allow apparently older patients to wind up paying about three times more than younger people. >> alisyn: apparently every year you get older, your premium will tick up a little bit. you remember when nancy pelosi said, well, we're going to have to pass it to find out what's in it. today is the day. yesterday when they released it, that some information is slowly dribbling out, some of these won't be implemented 'til 2014,
4:40 am
but we're starting to get information about how it's going to look now and if prices and premiums are going up. >> brian: meanwhile, when you tack about what the states are going to do to help finance this, they're supposed to set up exchanges with people with preexisting conditions. they can get their insurance. a lot of states are saying, i don't have to do it. >> steve: 30. >> brian: 30. i'll round it off. 30ish have said, i'm not going to set up exchanges because i'm not going to be stuck with a bill from the federal government and i'm not buying into it. the federal court said already they don't have to. remember the supreme court ruled? you do not have to set it up. the federal government has to scramble to make amends and fulfill the promise they made to all these people that they will be insured. >> steve: so you got these 30 states, don't know what is happening. meanwhile, we've got a couple of governors, one from oklahoma, one from the great state of virginia, who are on with greta van susteren last night talk being how they'd like to know what to do, but they can't get any information from the federal government. sadly.
4:41 am
here they are. >> most of us republican governors would rather do things at the state level rather than have the federal government do it. but the problem is, we've been asking for months in writing for information and the rule making to give us the information about how the state and federal exchanges are going to be set up and we still have a great absence of information. so i've written secretary sebelius. we did get an extension last thursday. there are numerous unanswered questions. if they're not going to provide the information, the only thing to do is to default and represent the federal government set it up. either way, you comply with the law. >> we feel like that if we would have set up a state-based exchange that would have been a state-based exchange in name only, because i am hearing from other governors who have tried to set up a state-based exchange that had them for a couple of years that the administration is now saying that doesn't qualify for what we're looking for for state-based exchange and we don't want to do the federal partnership either. so we're just going to default
4:42 am
and say, you're forcing something upon the state of oklahoma that we did not support. >> steve: here we are a couple of years after they passed it of the. still things unclear. >> alisyn: absolutely. meanwhile, you don't have enough money to buy everyone in your family presents for christmas? dave ramsey is next with an easy way to make it work. >> brian: yeah. make something yourself. then when pigs fly, you lose weight. we'll explain the link next. we need to throw thwart hog into that lake. did you smell thwart hog? >> steve: i did. >> brian: jump. a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive.
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4:46 am
nightmare. wal-mart workers set to strike on the busiest shopping day of the year, the day after thanksgiving. the national labor relations board is unlikely to make a decision to stop them before hand. employees say they want better wages, benefits, and working conditions. it may be the closest thing to pigs flying. one farmer in china teaching his pigs to dive like that. he says it keeps his pigs leaner and healthier because they are not fed until they take the plunge. okay. you want to eat? you got to plunge. it's like pavlov's pig. >> alisyn: it's a nightmare before the holiday shopping season. according to a new survey, one in three american households with children under the age of 18 are worried about how they will put presents underneath the christmas tree this year. personal finance expert, dave ramsey, has some advice on how to save for christmas just in a nick of time. he joins us live from nashville. hi, dave. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving. >> alisyn: thanks so much.
4:47 am
you, too. i want to read you e-mails viewers sent in about how worried they are this year about not being able to give their kids and their friends presents. here is anna from los angeles. this has been a tough year financially for us. we won't be able to give our kids very much. how do we explain this to our ten and six-year-olds? what advice do you have for anna? >> you know, it's interesting that a lot of people who grew up in a lower middle class or even what we would classify as a poor household didn't know they were poor. and so it has to do with the parents' attitude about as much as anything. if you're guilt tripping because you can't buy a $500 gift for a child, that's silly. do what you can do and explain to children the spirit of the christmas season is about giving. it's not about just acquiring everything you see on the television commercial. >> alisyn: let's talk about some people who will undoubtedly go into debt this holiday season. this is from michael in st. louis. he says, i've stashed away $1,500 for holiday gift this is
4:48 am
year. is it okay to put an extra 500 on my credit card so i can make sure everyone gets a present? dave, you know i don't have to tell you, so many people will be putting the presents on the credit card that they can't necessarily afford. is that okay to then pay it out over the rest of the year? >> i've been doing this for 20 years. i talk to people in may who are still paying on christmas. that's happened 20 times in my life as i've been doing financial counsels. yeah, it's okay, it's not against the law, but it's stupid because you're living your life with all of your decisions chasing you. staying in debt. so no, michael. you need to be a grownup and crank your budget down to $1,500. that's the cash that you have and live on what you have. we keep asking the government to live on less than it makes, so we need to. >> alisyn: what if people don't have $1,500, and they -- everybody wants to give presents at christmas. is there any way for people to safely go in debt around the holiday time? >> no, it's not smart to go into debt for the holidays.
4:49 am
the average spending, by the way in america, is about $700 for christmas. not 1500. so michael is looking at spending three times the national average, which is absurd. to go into debt to do that. now, so what do you do? well, you need to take an extra job. there is a lot of retail, a lot of restaurants hiring. a lot of people need baked goods. maybe you bake a wonderful pie. there are some things you can do and put on craigslist. there is a lot of different services you can provide during the holidays and get income up to create christmas cash. lots of people do that. this idea that we have to push the default but then and go into debt is the only way christmas arrives is silliness. >> alisyn: you had one more great suggestion and that is if you don't have money, you can give people a coupon. provide baby-sitting services. you could drive people somewhere, cook a meal. those are all great suggestions. dave ramsey, have a great thanksgiving. thanks so much for joining us with your tips. >> thank you. >> alisyn: does this sound familiar? your son is so worried about school work that he can't eat and can't sleep? is that normal?
4:50 am
dr. keith ablow is here with his diagnosis. first on this day in history in 1976, "tonight's the night" by rod stewart was the number one song. steve remembers it well [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] oz um... uh...
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4:53 am
>> brian: favorite segment of the week, am i normal or nuts? it's a question everyone asks themselves once in a while and a question we asked dr. keith ablow every single week. joining us now to answer e-mails, the doctor just like that. it's almost magic. how are you doing? >> i'm okay. how are you, brian? >> brian: none of your business. don't want to you analyze me on television.
4:54 am
my son is constantly worried about school. this affects his appetite and sleeping. is this normal? is this nuts? >> look, it's not nuts. it's normal. school phobia, first of all, is much more common than people know. and there may be a good reason for your son being nervous and anxious. number one, look into bullying. look into whether this homework that's making the kid upset, is there a learning disorder at play? don't discount the anxiety as crazy. decide what's really happening and get him help. >> brian: like alisyn, put too much pressure on your kid. number two e-mail, i'm 52 and alone. during the year i keep myself busy with work and hobbyies. but sometimes i feel so lonely, even the christmas commercials put me in negative. is that normal? >> again, sadly normal. sadly normal. not everybody feels like celebrating holidays. that's what i like to say. bottom line is, first of all, could be the effect of life.
4:55 am
holidays bring up this expectation that you should be over the top happy about your family, for instance. well, a lot of families don't make you happy. there are real problems that you haven't explored. go into those problems. use these holidays as a kind of sign post to figure out why aren't i happy? ask more questions, now foot you. >> brian: i think you addressed a lot of people with that one. this is relatively unique. i only speak english. but when we go to my mother-in-law's, everyone speaks russian and i feel left out. my husband doesn't underwhy this upsets me. if i normal or nuts? >> you are normal. they are crazier than loo o ns. these peep, including your husband, are insensitive and uncaring. they're excluding you and you're not crazy to feel excluded. here is the bottom line, your husband is a woos and i would learn russian for two words, you
4:56 am
suck. and tell him, it's from the doctor. dr. keith. >> brian: i hope they're taping this. you suck, huh? >> i hope so. >> brian: we're going to have to go over this. you have a great thanksgiving and i hope your family does make you happy. >> yes indeed. they won't be speaking russian without me. >> brian: will mine. we're still trying to get ahold of english. coming up, here is something you don't hear too often from peta, hey, mr. president, don't pardon that turkey. then, sir, keep your eyes on her face. the luckiest man alive, united states marine, he will join us next. watch this. [ whoosh! ] [ man ] whoo-hoo! [ male announcer ] with reddi wip... that's so weird... [ whoosh! ] [ male announcer ] ...a slice of pie never sounded better. oh, yeah!
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he. >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. today is wednesday, november 21.
5:00 am
i'm alisyn camerota. we begin with a fox news alert because a bomb just ripped through a bus full of people in the heart of tel aviv and hamas carrying out justice, their style, executing so-called israeli spies and dragging them through the streets. hillary clinton made this stop. we're live on the ground with the latest. >> steve: meanwhile, it's 8:00 a.m. on the east coast and airports are already swamped. you're looking live at travelers trying to get home for turkey day. live pictures from chicago o'hare, the world's busiest airport. a live report coming up. >> brian: kim kardashian giving one marine a night he will never forget. the story behind this picture and their date when he joins us live. "fox & friends" starts, you know. you
5:01 am
>> alisyn: let's get to the breaking news now because we have a fox news alert for you. earlier this morning, violence has escalated along the israel-gaza border for an eighth day. we're not just replaying the tape. these are new blasts coming an hour after a bomb exploded on a bus in tel aviv as we told you, wounding more than a dozen people. leeland vittert is live with the latest. tell us what's happening at this hour. >> there is a lot happening. we're enroute from tel aviv where the bus bombing occurred. now that number of injuries almost over 20 and we are heading south back down into the firing zone of all those rockets in tel aviv said, here we go again. that's the big concern, what they call the terror in the streets. the bombing of buses through the
5:02 am
second infatah. it was a busy intersection at lunch time a bomb explode. this was not a suicide bomber, though. they feel as though one of the reasons there wasn't anybody killed in this is that the bomb was perhaps a little smaller than the ones we've seen in the past. for their part, hamas and islamic jihad both celebrated the bomber and in the gaza strip, they are passing out candy, which has become a bit of a tradition during suicide bombings, now bringing that sad tradition back. in the gaza strip, the israeli air force continued to pound away at hamas facilities and jihad facilities a number of underground rocket launching sites and those kinds of things. the israelis say they're going to keep up this air attack until there is either a cease fire or perhaps until they move forward with a ground invasion. so far there is more than 130 palestinians who have been killed in gaza. a number of them civilians. the rockets coming out of gaza
5:03 am
continue. that's where we're headed now. the death toll, israeli, five killed from the rockets incoming. the militants learned to overwhelm the iron dome missile defense system by firing multiple rockets out at one location at one time, adding to the problems here for israeli citizens and also the threats here. the question going forward is whether that bombing in tel aviv and the recent rocket attacks and retaliation inside gaza is going to derail the cease fire talks or whether secretary clinton can move them forward. back to you in new york. >> steve: leeland vittert on the road in israel. >> brian: how do you move forward? what is the outcome? for example, if it ends now, what's been accomplished? what's going to stop the rockets from coming two or three weeks from now? then you got to get 75,000 troops up again, you got to get them back in, line them up at the border again. there has got to be some type of endurable peace. >> steve: i think israel wants to make sure they got all of those missiles that go 45,
5:04 am
50 miles, they want them all wiped out of the area, otherwise they're not going to be safe. unless hillary clinton is able to broker a peace deal. we're going to be monitoring that all day. let's talk now about how -- we've seen images where you see civilians are being killed on both sides. but now there is evidence that apparently hamas is actually faking images in the air wars over the air and broadcasting. for instance, the bbc in great britain showed this image of four guys carrying a guy on a stretcher and he looks really badly banged up. the story was that he was hit by an israeli missile. a couple minutes later, the guy is seen walking around. it looked like they were faking that. apparently a guy from the bbc retreated a picture of a little girl and there is a headline that said heart breaking. the image was of -- she was killed by an israeli rocket.
5:05 am
actually she was killed four weeks ago in syria. but hamas faking it to make it look like it happened right now. >> alisyn: there is another story of cnn having aired a picture of a four-year-old little boy having been killed. his body was carted out by the prime minister of hamas. and now they said it was from an israeli air strike. now there is a question about that and whether or not this was an errant -- there is manipulation going on of the it's hard to know what the real back story is, particularly when witnesses are not there or witnesses are not coming forward to provide information. so you just have to watch everything. whoopie goldberg got in trouble this week because she sent out a tweet saying children and women being -- in palestine being massacred because she's looking at the news media and that's what she sees. victims of israel. but you have to remember that all of this is through a very foggy lens and she got a lot of blow back on twitter for that.
5:06 am
>> brian: that's watching too much al-jazeera and not enough fox news. if 300 rockets are sent in your direction annually for no apparent reason except you don't like israelis or the jewish people, i think sooner or later, you're going to get a response. bernie goldberg was on bill o'reilly last night and talked about the way this entire conflict is being portrayed. >> before israel's counter offensive last week, hamas lobbed between 750 and 800 missiles into civilian places in israel. that's a lot of missiles, 800 in one calendar year, just this year, up to 800 missiles. but that was never a big news story in the united states. i'm not saying they never covered it. but it was never a big running news story. it only became a story when israel launched this major counter offensive. now, why is this? i think it's because there is a fascination on the part of liberal journalists and actually liberals in general, fascination
5:07 am
and an attraction towards the underdog. they love the underdog. they sympathize with the underdog and if the underdog has brown skin, better yet. >> steve: so there is evidence that hamas is faking some of the images. but this is an image you're going to see on the front pages of a lot of american newspapers. it's on the cover of the daily news president new york post as well. hamas thugs execute israeli spies, as you can see, that is a man being dragged through the street. >> brian: evidently they shot six. they told them to lay flat on their face and shot them in the back and that guy was dragged already dead through the streets. then had they stopped the palestinians or the hamas people, went out and kicked and spit on his dead body. >> alisyn: hamas is claiming that they were spying for israel. again -- >> brian: i don't know if he had a chance to get a lawyer. >> alisyn: we don't know what the real story is during all of this chaos. let's get to your headlines. gunmen overnight assassinated benghazi's security chief.
5:08 am
he was shot dead while returning from work apparently. right now it's unclear who exactly is behind the killing. violence has been escalating in benghazi since the terror on september 11 that left four americans dead. and two homicide bombers striking kabul early this morning kill to go afghan guards. afghan police say the bombing was likely a failed aattempt to attack a nearby u.s. base while general john allen returns to duty in kabul, afghanistan, after being caught up in the david petraeus sex scandal. general allen will remain the top u.s. and nato commander of the war in afghanistan. he returned to the states more than a week ago after the pentagon began investigating thousands of inappropriate e-mails between allen and jill kelly. kelly is the florida socialite linked to the david petraeus sex scandal. new details in the search for a serial killer. police in new york city are interrogating a man in connection with the case. he's apparently a salesman who peddles clothing from a duffel bag. he was caught on video carrying
5:09 am
a duffel bag near the scene of the latest killing. a gun was found at his girlfriend's apartment, and it's the same use fundamental all three murders. sources say he has prior arrests for burglary, harassment and stalking. and the annual white house turkey pardon is under fire. peta says the tradition has to stop. animal rights groups sent a letter to president obama saying, killing turkeys is no joke. the group suggested a vegetarian alternative for the president and his family to eat at their thanksgiving celebration. for peta, this is the point. he's pardoning. maybe he thinks the feelings will be hurt if they hear the joke. >> steve: all right. in the meantime today, the day before thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year and from coast to coast, people are pack the airports already. one place you may not want to be is chicago's o'hare airport. it will be the busiest of them all. that's why we have dispatched steve brown who is now trapped inside giving us a live report of people who are trying to get over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house by
5:10 am
tomorrow. >> hey there, steve, good morning. yes, between yesterday and next wednesday, the 20th through the 27th, the folks at the aviation department estimate there will be 1.8 million folks trying through o'hare and midway. the down side of all of this today is that we have fog. only place in the country apparently that has it and also having a great deal of difficulty as we step out of the way of folks actually going someplace this morning. causing a lot of difficulty with flights, especially the regional flights here this morning. so we are seeing delays. and here is doubling the problem up is that the faa's web site that checks delays and tells where you the status of the airports are, that's down. if you're looking for an idea of how your airport is doing locally, go to the faa web site is down. all the web sites that rely on that data is down. if you're looking for
5:11 am
information on your specific airport, if you're traveling by air today, is the place to go. all sorts of flights delayed in the midwest right now because of the fog out here. most of them are regional flights. keep in mind, there is a connecting kind of property where you got the domino effect. you got one flight that's delayed, it leads to delays down the line. so check with your airline, check with the airport if you're flying today. back to you in new york. >> steve: steve brown, thank you very much. while steve is there, if he's got down time, he could actually get a flu shot. >> brian: what do you mean? >> steve: because there are all sorts of things -- they know people will be stranded there for a little while, waiting for flights or flight delays or something like that. there are a number of airports that are actually offering a flu shots. you can get them in atlanta, san francisco, charlotte and philadelphia. >> alisyn: you can also take a yoga class at dallas-fort worth while you're waiting for your flight. you can also go to the gym. this would appeal to you. airport hotel gym. if your flight is delayed, there
5:12 am
is always a hotel connected to the airport. you can pay. >> steve: 20 bucks at the hilton in chicago. >> brian: i've taken a red eye and i've gone and used the showers, changed outfits, changed my attitude. and then -- >> alisyn: at the airport? showered at the airport? >> brian: yeah. because i'd have no other place to do it. >> steve: we asked you how you spend the time when you're at the airport. matthew tweets, like to spend the time at a bar, close to my gate. >> alisyn: that makes the most sense. jim says, i collect all those loose baggage carts and turn them in for quarters. [ laughter ] >> steve: somewhere dave ramsey is smiling. >> brian: we're not buying it. >> alisyn: at jfk if you find yourself there today, there is a vodka tasting. >> steve: i saw this! >> brian: that's vodka, all right. >> alisyn: you can voluntarily go to the airport even though you don't have a flight. >> steve: my wife and i flew through jacksonville last weekend, they have a massage place. we didn't go. i was at chili's having the extra large beer that you can
5:13 am
increase in size for two. delicious. >> brian: really? >> steve: i was off the clock. >> brian: that's one way to relieve tension. other people would like to get some of that swedish massage action going on your neck. i like swedish massage things. president obama keeps saying al-qaeda is on its heels. remember? but four people were just charged with plotting to kill americans. so is the threat to the homeland more severe than ever before? a closer look next. >> alisyn: then she thought this would make her mom laugh. she thought wrong. the story behind this photo is a lesson for everyone. begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though,
5:14 am
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5:17 am
>> al-qaeda is on the path to defeat. [ cheering ] >> my first job as commander in chief, bob, is to keep the american people safe. and that's what we've done over the last four years. we ended the war in iraq, refocused our attention on those who actually killed us on 9-11. and as a consequence, al-qaeda's core leadership has been decimated. >> al-qaeda has been decimated. osama bin laden is dead. >> brian: president obama has said repeatedly and we taped it, al-qaeda's influence has diminished over four years. but that may not be the case of the according to the f.b.i., the four men accused of plot to go join al-qaeda and travel to afghanistan to kill american soldiers. one of which served in the air force. so what does this tell us about the so-called war on terror which we're not allowed to call anymore? peter johnson, jr. what do you conclude from the rhetoric to reality? >> we got trouble. we got trouble in riverside
5:18 am
county, california. four people have been charged. one american, three others who were residents, a fellow from the philippines and mexico as well. and they were charged with getting ready to be part of jihad in afghanistan. one of the men, 34 years old, the oldest, has been detained in afghanistan. the others charged here in california. it was based on a sting operation involving a confidential informant. f.b.i. joint terrorist task force in southern california. these folks were going to target practice. they were going to paint ball practice. they were talking about whether their interests in suicide bombing was c-4 or on the line as a sniper. and how much money they had to get to get to afghanistan. they were shaving their heads and taking off their beards and/or mustaches to be clean cut so they didn't arouse suspicion.
5:19 am
based on the complaint of the f.b.i. and a 77-page affidavit, this was a full-blown effort conspiring to go to afghanistan to kill americans and others and blow up american facilities. >> brian: police see khalid sheikh mohammed in jail, they think we're out of the woods. but the spirit and the mantra and the doctrine is what we got to worry about. >> the spirit and the doctrine and mantra is something we should worry about and obviously to declare that the war on al-qaeda is over before it's over is wrong. and to engage in a narrative that we try and cover that up is wrong. >> brian: i think it's also dangerous. >> it is dangerous, but it's also dangerous to be complacent and the f.b.i. -- you'll agree -- did a phenomenal job, i believe, in reading this affidavit. there is a problem with lone wolves in this country. there is a problem with home grown terrorism. there is a problem with what the rand corporation called stray dogs. those people, 27, 28 years old, americans, people who are residents here, people who are
5:20 am
high school dropouts, people who are disaffected, people who may be from south asian communities, may, in fact, be muslim. that is the community that is very often involved with these types of lone wolf or stray dog attacks. and these four folks, according to the f.b.i. complaint, wanted to fight against americans and afghany forces in afghanistan and become part of al-qaeda. >> brian: nobody has to tell people in new york with the times square bombing and everybody targeting us as well. thank you for joining us and have a great thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. god bless you and your family. >> brian: meanwhile, ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. guys, put down the dish, we swear not doing chores will save your marriage. use my name if it's a problem with your woman or man. and kim kardashian giving one marine a night he will never forget. the story behind this picture when he joins us live. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> steve: quick headlines. police questioning two men in connection with the blast that leveled two houses in indianapolis and left two people dead. one of them now being linked to this white van spotted near the house the day of the explosion. an unbelievable performance for this college hoopster. in iowa, scored 138 points! in one game. that is an ncaa record. congratulationsne. >> alisyn: steve, sergeant
5:25 am
martin gardner knew this yearop was going to be his last at the marine corps ball and he wanted to do something special. something memorable. so what did he do? he asked kim kardashian to be his date. joining us now is sergeant martin gardner. good morning, sergeant. >> how are you doing today? >> alisyn: doing well. how did you go about asking kim kardashian? >> basically i sent an e-mail out to her people. her people contacted my people and while i was deployed in guatemala, i found out she said yes and i was very excited to get back. >> alisyn: did you expect her to say yes? >> i did. it was kind of testing out myself to see how -- if i could make the impossible, possible, 'cause i planning to to los angeles to pursue an acting career. >> alisyn: she's a kardashian a good person to know if your next career is entertainment. so what was she like at the event, as we look at some pictures of you guys. >> she was so nice.
5:26 am
she was real cool, you know. just hanging out and talking with her was like talking with any one of my friends. she gave me good advice on how to deal with fame. >> alisyn: what did she say? >> one thing she said to me that really touched me was, she didn't say, if i become famous, she said when. so she believed in me. and she said that when i do become famous, i need to know there is good and bad times that comes along with it 'cause there are times when she wants to just go out by herself and drive her car and go to the store, but she can't because it gets hectic. i'm looking forward to all of that. i want all of that. >> alisyn: now, there is one picture that we have, sergeant. i don't know if you've seen this picture, but you don't appear to be looking kim kardashian in the eye. what's going on here? >> i was trying to figure out the designer of her dress, but i guess my x-ray vision wasn't work well that day. >> alisyn: right. the designers are usually in the back. the tag is in the back. not usually this region.
5:27 am
[ laughter ] >> i mean, she's a beautiful woman and you don't get o see that too often. so the camera caught me taking a quick glance. >> alisyn: i see that. just out of curiousity, if you and kanye west were in a fistfight, who would win? >> hands down, i would win. [ laughter ] >> alisyn: he, of course, is her boyfriend. but what did she say, did he mind her going with you? >> i don't think so. we talked about kanye west and he's a real cool guy, you know. she really cares about him. they're real, real true love story, you know, because when she was taking my information down, which is my witter, she put on her blackberry and the screen, back screen was a picture of her and kanye west. and i thought that's something special there. she really cares with this guy.
5:28 am
it's legit. >> alisyn: you look like you're having a great time. thanks for teasing us all that anything is possible, shoot for the stars. and good luck to you in your next career and happy thanksgiving and thank you so much for your service as well. >> happy thanksgiving to you, thank you. >> alisyn: so last week's jobless number was so high that it shocked even the experts. so what can we expect today? those new numbers in just two minutes. stick around for that. then imagine a mother's reaction when she saw this, her daughter dangling off the side of the grand canyon. we have the story behind the picture next testing...1...2. am i on the radio?
5:29 am
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5:32 am
the latest coffee machine from nespresso. modular. intuitive. combines espresso and fresh milk. the new u. nespresso. what else? available at these fine retailers. >> steve: fox business alert for you. look at that. the labor department just releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers. 410,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's less than the week before and what was expected and yet, it's ohm been in the last two weeks since the election that we've seen numbers like that that start with 4. >> brian: what's the excuse? i thought we had holiday employment. >> steve: you got to sandy. they'll factor sandy into that somehow. >> brian: i just think sandy has the other effect. a lot of people get work. a lot of contractors get work. a loft plumbers get work. a lot of electricians can't get
5:33 am
enough work. fair place store, furniture stores. so that would counter the small business owner that unfortunately got wiped out, i would imagine. >> steve: right. we'll try to find out some more of the details behind the big number. but 410. >> brian: another fox news alert. earlier this morning, violence escalate along the israel-gaza border. those new blasts coming an hour after a bomb exploded on a bus. reports say more than 20 people hurt. doug mckelway is at the white house with the latest on where the cease fire talks stand. yesterday we heard cease fire was in play. obviously that was wrong and at the very least, premature. >> that's right, brian. so today is an absolutely crucial day in the quest for a cease fire. secretary of state clinton just arrived in cairo, egypt for talks with egyptian president morsi.
5:34 am
several formidable obstacles remain in place before a cease tire can be achieved. the latest is that terrorist attack on the bus that you just showed in tel aviv, the white house issuing a very strongly worded statement condemning that attack. it reads in part, quote, these attacks against innocent israeli civilians are outrageous. the united states will stand with our israeli allies and provide whatever assistance is necessary to identify and bring to justice the perpetrators of this attack. but there are other obstacles as well. secretary of state clinton just met this morning with palestinian authority president abbas. he has relatively little control over these rocket attacks and it is hamas that is perpetrating the rocket attacks. hamas designate add terrorist organization in the u.s. and also across much of the western world. additionally, she knows that egyptian president mohammed morsi, with whom she is meeting right now, is under tremendous political pressure at home because he is a member of the muslim brotherhood, which is closely aligned with hamas. he can't be seen at home as
5:35 am
giving away too much for the israelis -- to the israelis, i should say. the israelis for their part want a long-term peace, not short-term cease fire. here is netanyahu. >> now, if there is a possibility of achieving a long-term solution to this problem through diplomatic means, we'd prefer that. but if not, i'm sure you understand that israel will have to take whatever action is necessary to defend its people. >> secretary clinton for her part standing steadfast with israel. here she is. >> president obama asked me to come to israel with a very clear message. america's commitment to israel's security is rock solid and unwavering. that is why we believe that it is essential to deescalate the situation in gaza. the rocket attacks from terrorist organizations inside gaza on israeli cities and towns
5:36 am
must end and a broader calm restored. >> the president not expected to make any statements in regard to the conflict today. he just arrived back from his asian trip last night. very light schedule. the only thing on the official schedule, the pardoning of the thanksgiving turkey that happens here at 2:00 p.m. >> brian: all right. thanks. we look forward to that pardoning. >> steve: by the way, we got a couple of details on that unemployment number. 410, they say that it is elevated for the second straight week because of super storm sandy. >> brian: we just talked about what the a.p. wrote. the unemployment number falls -- weekly u.s. benefit applications fall to 410. super storm sandy distorts the figures. >> brian: now let me tell what you else is happening and these two will do something else. hostess lived to die another day. talks between hostess and the bakers union crumbled last night. now the makers of the twinkie will head to bankruptcy court,
5:37 am
along with the makers of ho-ho and ring ding and everything else. they'll ask the judge for permission to shut down for good. 18,000 jobs are on the line. >> steve: i'd like make a claire if clarification, they don't make ring dings. they are in the country illegally, but could be allowed to drive legally. lawmakers in illinois pushing to let illegals get driver's licenses. washington state and new mexico currently allow it. illinois would be the biggest state to adopt such a law. >> alisyn: parents, imagine getting this while your child is away on vacation. you can see the girl hanging on the edge of the grand canyon. very scary. but it turns out it was all just a joke. instead of reassuring her protective mother that she was safe, she decided to play a prank, sending her mom this terrifying photo.
5:38 am
she was actually standing safely on a ledge. >> brian: so moms, back off. let them go to the grand canyon. married men, rejoice. we're go about to give you a new excuse for not helping with the dinner dishes or laundry or vacuuming, ordoing. according to a new norwegian study, i'm going to go ahead with this, it will save your marriage. modern couples, the ones who share housework equally have a divorce rate of 50% higher than the medieval ones in which the women does all the chores. the more -- >> alisyn: did you write this? >> brian: the likelihood of splitsville. for us, i think it's best for me to sit and watch football. >> alisyn: i pray my husband isn't listening right now. >> brian: but he is a help around the house. >> alisyn: very much so. >> brian: he's almost too neat. >> alisyn: which i appreciate. >> steve: because you're lazy. >> alisyn: yeah, exactly.
5:39 am
>> brian: steve, save your marriage. back off. you are very neat guy. in your a 50-50 relationship. >> steve: my wife does a lot more than i do. >> brian: what did you say? >> steve: my wife does a lot more than i do. >> brian: i was getting heckled. she does more than you. that's good. she also has cable. >> steve: she does and she'll be watching and i'll be home in an hour. >> brian: i never stop cleaning around the house. it drives my wife crazy. >> steve: you're driving her crazy for other reasons. >> brian: oh, really? >> steve: it's about 20 minutes before the top of the hour on this wednesday. we got a developing story here in the new york city area. new details in a search for a serial killer here. joining us now from brooklyn is reporter theresa. >> good morning. it has been a busy couple of hours for police here in brooklyn. there have been a series of developments that have come to light that we want to share with you and your viewers. they appear to be significant. the latest of which appears to be that police may have found the murder weapon connectedded with a series of murders in this
5:40 am
area. overnight they found a duffel bag and inside of it, a sawed off .22 caliber rifle, ammunition, two knives, one with blood on them, a pair of gloves, and also a pair of stockings. here at the precinct specifically, we are told the man that police have dubbed john dough duffel back is here and did -- bag is here and he came here yesterday afternoon and is still here. the "new york post" is reporting this morning -- this is a man in his 60s, from staten island, and he apparently has significant ties to the garment industry. this is significant because the three machine that were killed were all owners of clothing stores here in brooklyn. so we are waiting to confirm his identity. but it's important that you and your viewers know at this point he is simply a person of interest. not a suspect. certainly not named the killer yet. that's the latest from brooklyn this morning. now back to you in the studio. >> steve: thank you very much. meanwhile, flying today, better hope you're not going through chicago o'hare and midway. already experiencing at least
5:41 am
200 delays and some cancellations. you can thank some dense fog for that. arrival and departure delays are running an hour. we just checked and all the other airports seem to be clear. by the way, earlier i said that chicago, the busiest airport in america? that's wrong. it's atlanta. i apologize. widely scattered. clear skies across the middle part of the country. rain out west. current temperatures as you head out on this day before thanksgiving, it's freezing in caribou, maine. 42 in rapid city. it is 54 in el paso. and if you are awake already in provo, utah, you walk outside, it's 43. >> alisyn: there you go. we do have another fox news alert for you now because we're following the head of security in benghazi who was assassinated this morning. the story we've been bringing you updates all morning. what does it mean for the search for answers in benghazi? senator lindsey graham who is leading that investigation will be here with us next i love the holidays.
5:42 am
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>> steve: this is a fox news alert and a story we've been telling you about. benghazi, libya, security chief shot dead overnight in a hail of gun fire while returning home from work. according to libya's deputy interior minister, it is unclear who is behind the assassination. this comes as the directsor of national intelligence claimed he removed specific references, his office did, to al-qaeda from the benghazi talking points. with the agreement of the f.b.i. and the c.i.a. does this change the investigation? joining us from clemson, south carolina, is senator lindsey graham. senator, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: are you surprised that james clapper, the director of national intelligence said, my office is the one that changed the talking points. blame me. well, not me, but my office.
5:46 am
>> i'm surprised that last week he said that his office was not involved. now that we hear his office was involved. shear what's important. the story that susan rice told america and president obama himself told america about benghazi was that it was a result of a spontaneous event, the video created a spontaneous mob that turned into a riot. i talked to mike religioners and chambliss and they said there was no intelligence to suggest that story line was true. so when you drop al-qaeda and substitute the word extremist, where is this story coming from this this whole event was spurred by a video on youtube that led to a mob that turned into a riot? the difference between spontaneous and preplanned is significant. the difference between a mob and a militia group that's organized is significant. the motivation that the attack was a motivation because people
5:47 am
were upset about a video defaming the prophet that they linked to us, which we didn't have anything to do with, versus a group whose agenda is to destroy our way of life is significant. so the story line told by the president himself is totally disconnected to the intelligence and was a political story line very helpful to him because if the truth came out that this was not a mob, but an organized militia group, long time in the making, al-qaeda associated group that was able to overrun the embassy on 9-11, that undercuts his whole story line of al-qaeda has been dismantled. >> steve: absolutely. you've been critical of ambassador rice of the united nations for going out on television and saying that story. clearly was not true, from what we know now, but guys like you are being criticized by, for instance, members of the congressional black caucus. they say that you and john mccain are sexist and racist as
5:48 am
well for criticizing ambassador rice. >> well, when you can't answer the question, you attack the questioner. the only color i'm worried about when it comes to benghazi is red. blood red. the death of four americans. what motivates senator mccain and myself is that we were in libya last september. we came back and wrote an op ed piece that if we don't form a national army to replace these militias, libya is going to break apart. and the sad story here is not just the four dead americans, which is heart breaking, the libyan people want to move forward and this leading from behind by obama, we've done nothing to help them mr. an army to replace the militia. >> steve: absolutely. we've simply got to get to the bottom of this because as you said, four americans are dead here. senator lindsey graham, joining us from clemson, south carolina. thank you very much. have a nice thanksgiving if you can tomorrow. >> thank you very much. >> steve: straight ahead, they're one of country music's
5:49 am
hottest new trios. ♪ . >> steve: guess who is live in our studio? the farm! good morning, folks. they have a message for thanksgiving coming up. first, let's check in with gregg jarrett who is working for the next two hours right here on the fox news channel. >> diplomacy could be set back by the bus bombing in tel aviv. we'll is a live report. director of national intelligence appears to have contradicted himself on the benghazi terrorist attack. we'll talk with a congressman demanding the honest truth. union protests may wreak havoc on your travel and shopping plans. all that top of the hour. see you then of equally impressive instructions ? shouldn't something that's truly advanced, not need much explanation at all ?
5:50 am
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5:53 am
♪ take me back i've been away too long ♪ ♪ . >> alisyn: that's up with of the hottest new trio's. the farm's new single just broke the top 20. >> brian: they're not new to the scene. they worked with kenny chesney who has been op our show. big and rich and so many more. today they have a special thanksgiving song. >> alisyn: called "be grateful" they're the farm and they're here. let's hear your song, guys. ♪ another day i caught myself complaining ♪ ♪ how my boss got me working overtime ♪ ♪ then a stranger who was sitting there beside me ♪
5:54 am
♪ he said i spent all day in the unemployment line ♪ ♪ i work any hours even all night long ♪ ♪ if you could put -- every time you think you got it bad ♪ ♪ you could find someone who's got it worse ♪ ♪ all the things you take for granted now ♪ ♪ if you got someone who loves you ♪ ♪ and a steady job that puts food on the table ♪ ♪ if you're strong and able ♪ then be grateful ♪ we complain about how much
5:55 am
it's going to cost us ♪ ♪ 20,000 something dollar car ♪ living in a land of milk and honey ♪ ♪ so we forget how lucky we are are ♪ ♪ you work hard and buy a patch of dirt ♪ ♪ sunday morning go to church ♪ those who don't have it as good as you ♪ ♪ every time you think you've got it bad. ♪ you can find someone who's got it worse. ♪
5:56 am
if you got someone who loves you ♪ ♪ and a steady job that puts food on the table ♪ ♪ you're still strong and able ♪ then be grateful ♪ oh every time you think you got it bad ♪ ♪ you can find someone who's got it worse ♪ ♪ all the things you take for granted now ♪ ♪ they started out as lessons fir ♪ ♪ if you got someone who loves you ♪[ th ♪ campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:59 am
>> steve: another number from the farm in the after the show show. log on right now. >> alisyn: tomorrow we have michelle malkin, bob massi and the butter ball turkey talk line expert. how many times will you call that

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